Glenfarclas 40 ÅR
  • Glenfarclas 40 ÅR

Glenfarclas 40 ÅR

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40 års i det klassiske udstyr!


Colour: Rich dark mysterious Gold

Nose: Reminiscent of relaxing in an old leather armchair while eating walnuts and chocolate covered raisins.

Flavour: A sweet initial taste, orange segments dipped in
liquid chocolate. Then a lovely flavour of burnt brown
sugar at the back of the mouth

Finish: The dry finish oozes big tannins and more rich
dark cocoa beans. Let the whisky breathe a little or add a
drop or two of water to fully open up the dram

Comment: This 40yo is a truly amazing whisky, so fresh and vibrant for an old whisky. This whisky has been made for people to drink. We hope that this whisky is enjoyed by all whisky lovers around the world


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