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Arran Millennium Cask

Ikke på lager

795,00 kr
Få flasker ! limited cask fra Arran ! KUN 300 fl. til DK


Til denne aftapning indgår der 35 bourbon barrels og 10 sherry hogs heads. Disse fade blev fyldt den 31. december 1999 og 1. januar 2000 og har ligget på Isle of Arran Destillery i 13 år inden de bliver tappet på flaske.

Der kommer 7800 flasker ud af disse fade og disse er aftappet ved fadstyrke på 53,5% og er ikke blevet kold filtreret.

"We have chosen a very particular image to adorn this bottling as you will see on the front label and gift box of this edition. The Roman God 'Janus' is the protector of this particular amber nectar from our distillery. In ancient Roman myth, Janus was the God of beginnings, endings and transitions. He was said to be blessed with the ability to look into the past and see the future and as such he is usually depicted as having two faces. Indeed the month of January was named so by the Romans as a nod to this well-loved figure, who had a ubiquitous presence in their important ceremonies and life events. We think he is the perfect person to represent the true spirit of this evocative dram. "

Nose: The nose is vibrant and zesty with an edge of spice

Palate: Candied citrus captures your tongue immediately taking you back to the hallmarks of Arran with orchard fruits and baked apples. A sprinkling of vanilla and cinnamon adds a layer of sweet spice and oak to the initial fruity character. A splash of water opens it up beautifully, exposing the layers of creaminess in this unique dram.

Finish: Clean and fresh with a hint of spice, this classic Arran lingers delicately. Notes of mandarins and grapefruit mingle beautifully with the last twist of toasted oak promising another perfectly balanced sip.