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Arran Smugglers' Series Volume One - The Illicit Stills

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Nose: Subtle peat reek rising from a distant fire hints at a robust character to come.Floral notes bring elegance, sweetness is shown in the form of fresh madeira cake with a maritime oiliness promising rich mouthfeel.

Palate: Juicy plums, spiced with white pepper. Wood smoke of freshly sawn pine.The palate develops with gripping tannin as white grapes begin to show. Pink wafer biscuits and a blast of spicy ginger appear before the finish.

Finish: The flavour of dried apricots fades before salty, maritime notes take over – the dying embers of smugglers’ signal fires on windswept beaches. An Arran dram of true unbridled character, reminiscent of the illicit makes which gave rise to the illustrious reputation of “the Arran water”.

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