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Fio Cachaca

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The Fio do Bigode project was started by two Copenhagen based bartenders in love of good quality handcrafted spirits, and for the Brazilian culture and soul. They felt put down by the fact that only industrial products dominated the global market for cachaca, a spirit that is the 3rd most popular spirit in the world largely drunk in Brazil, but almost without proper representatives internationally. So after teaming up with Sprit & co., they traveled to Brazil tasting their way through a big chunk of the country. Deep inside the heart of cachaca country they found Germana cachaca who were willing to fill their bottles, and share their wonderfully handcrafted cachaca with the danes.

The name “Fio do Bigode” means hair of a mustache, and was an expression used by the old portuguese colonists in Brazil. They would literally pinch out a hair from their mustache and hand it over vouching for the product, and sealing the deal.

The production of Fio do Bigode Cachaca all takes place in Nova Uniao about an hour outside Belo Horizonte. Everything from harvesting of the cane to bottling and labeling is done at the Caetanos family farm. Fio do Bigode is an artisanal handcrafted cachaca, produced at a site producing less than 100 thousand liters a years, only using traditional and organic procedures.

The result is a fresh and fruity cachaca, with clear taste of fresh sugarcane juice and tropical fruits. Fio do Bigode has the bite of a white spirit, but is well rounded and gentle on the palate